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The Parent's Corner is a dedicated section within MPK Baseball and Softball that serves as a valuable resource for parents of players. This section provides essential information, guidance, and support to help parents navigate their child's journey in the sport. The Parent's Corner offers resources such as registration details, league guidelines, and important dates to keep parents informed and engaged. It also provides tips for supporting their child's development, understanding the rules of the game, and promoting a positive sportsmanship culture. Additionally, the Parent's Corner may feature articles, blogs, and testimonials, offering insights from experienced parents and coaches. It serves as a hub where parents can find the necessary information and resources to actively participate in their child's baseball or softball experience, fostering a supportive and enjoyable environment for both players and families.


It is the objective of the MPK Baseball and Softball, Inc. to provide your kids with a fun atmosphere in which to engage in healthy athletic competition. Our goals are to introduce the kids to the game of baseball and meet other kids and families, building lifelong relationships while enjoying the game of baseball. Because of the excitement and high emotion during our games, it is important to understand some guidelines regarding what is expected of you, your family members and your children. We encourage cheering, excitement, and competitiveness, but let’s give both sides the same encouragement for positive reinforcement.   

We must all constantly support and encourage fair play, player safety, and sportsmanship. Parents are required to follow the MPK Pony Baseball and USA Softball Parent Code of Conduct for themselves and their player.                         

• We will not tolerate any behavior on the playing field or in the stands that would hinder the spirit of sportsmanship and cooperation that we are trying to encourage.   
• The umpire is in charge of all game rules and regulations on and off the field. Please give the umpire proper respect. The Managers of the teams playing are the only ones allowed to dispute a call.   
• At no time will we permit abusive behavior, abusive language or profanity.    
• Alcoholic beverages are not permitted in the vicinity of any of the playing fields or where otherwise prohibited.    
• A No Smoking policy is enforced on the park premises.   
• Conduct of guests is the responsibility of the adult whose child participates in the League. Games can be forfeited due to behavior of the spectators.    
• Physical violence, taunting, or any action that may provoke physical violence, by anyone (player, parent, or guest) during a MPK Pony Baseball and USA Softball function, will be sufficient cause for the Board to exclude that person(s) from future participation or attendance at any MPK Pony Baseball and USA Softball game(s) or activities.
• This is a volunteer program. We expect that you will do your part to keep the facilities clean and litter free.   
• I will always be supportive of my child, their teammates, and coaches.
• I will remember that every player on the team is a contributing player and will spread my encouragement equally amongst the team.
• I will allow all coaching during the games to be done by the coaches and not by parents, in the stands or behind the backstop.
• I will convey coaching suggestions and complaints privately to the coaches before or after games.• I will never badger the other team, or argue with their supporters, or instigate fighting or violence. Doing so may have me removed from the      game and possibly future events.
• I will not argue with the umpires nor taunt them or speak poorly to them.
• My child will not bully, taunt, or instigate violence of any kind to any other player, coach, umpire, or league official.
• I will encourage good sportsmanship by demonstrating positive support for all players, coaches, and umpires at every game, practice, or other MPK Pony Baseball and USA Softball event(s).
• I will make sure my child treats other players, coaches, umpires, and league officials with respect.
• I will be responsible for the actions of my child(ren) and my guests.
• I will stay out of the dugout.
• I will make sports fun for my child.

Parents who violate these rules may be disciplined at the game (told to leave) and/or required to appear before the Board of Directors. Violations may result in a variety of consequences, including parental bans from games or other league activities. Managers are responsible for their players and for controlling their stands. Disruptive parents who do no follow coaches, umpires, or Board Members instructions may be suspended from all games or the umpire may cancel the game.

At MPK Pony Baseball and USA Softball, we prioritize safety and inclusivity. Therefore, we enforce a Zero Tolerance policy against all forms of physical violence, including verbal and non-verbal, as well as any actions aimed at provoking or instigating violence. Our commitment is to provide a secure and respectful environment for all participants, free from judgment.

Anyone violating this clause will face an immediate ban from the league. Continued violations will result in the permanent removal of the entire family from participation.

By registering your child(ren) for MPK Pony Baseball and USA Softball, you agree to and understand the MPK Pony Baseball and USA Softball Parent Code of Conduct.

Parent's Obligation

Home Team Duties

  • Pre-game field set up: Volunteer field prep parent should be there one hour before the game to assist in prepping the field, more information on field prep can be found under parent's resources in our resource center.
  • Snack Stand Duty: TBD
  • In-game: Assist with scorekeeping or pitch count, more information with scorekeeping/pitch count can be found on our  parent's resources in our resource center.
  • Post-game facility sweep: Police the facility for trash, help keep our parks clean.


Can I choose what team my child plays on?
MPK Pony Baseball and USA Softball tries to accommodate parent requests for specific teams on all our division but there are no guarantees.

When will I know what team my child will be playing on?
The MPK Board will send out team roster immediately when the teams are formed. Managers will begin contacting player soon after teams are formed.

When will I know about schedules for practices?
Each Manager will post their respective team's schedules. The goal of practices is to teach specific skills and game situations, so player attendance is a must!

When will I know about game schedules?
Game schedules will be posted as they are made available.

Can I get a refund?
Yes, for refund request please send an email to [email protected].

Do I need to buy a team jersey?
A MPK Pony Baseball and USA Softball jersey and baseball hat/visor will be provided.

What equipment do I need?
Each player needs to supply their own helmets, gloves, bats, cleats, cups (baseball), facemask (softball). For more information on bats, please visit our general information page for baseball and softball specific requirements. Bats must be league approved

Do you need Coaches, or other volunteers?
MPK Pony Baseball and USA Softball is a completely volunteer program. We are always looking for enthusiastic people to help support the league in any capacity that they can. We would welcome anyone willing to volunteer their time to coach, umpire, keep score or help with a number of other duties. If you are interested in being a coach, visit our volunteer corner.

How are the number of teams per division determined?
The maximum number of teams are determined by the number of players of a certain age available to play, along with the availability of fields. Depending on the division teams are formed either randomly (some leagues can make team/coach requests) or by a draft system. 

I understand that in the leagues that draft, your team assignment process distributes the players across the league, but doesn’t that just water down the competition?
The distribution of players through the league helps us to minimize one-sided games. Although concentrating teams may seem to create better baseball, Little League’s team assignment requirements places emphasis on balance. Our experience as players, coaches, and parents, is that this leads to exciting baseball. Teams composed of players that hold a range of ability and skill levels force the coaches and teams to work together to play the game well. That effort, under the stewardship of a capable coach, is success in youth sports.

I have an issue that needs to be addressed, who do I contact?
You should first speak with the manager (coach) of your child’s team.
If this is not possible, please contact the MPK Board to voice your concern, you can contact us at [email protected]

More Parent Resources

Additional information regarding equipment, scoring, and field prep can be found under parent's  resource in our resource corner.


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